Past Events

Enjoing Shaoxin Yue Opera

Monica came to Shangyu and participated in many activities full of local characteristics. On the evening of 23rd December 2015, Monica enjoyed the local Shaoxin Yue Opera, and took photos together with the performers.

On the afternoon of April 16,2016,Guido Von Martens excitedly experienced his first-in-lifetime Yue Opera Yu Tang Chun in Chunhui Village, Yiting Town. This play is among the on-tour performance provided by Xiao Bai Hua Yue Opera Team to the villagers in Shangyu.

On the evening of May 11,2016,Two female artists Gerit Grimm and Teri Lynn Frame enjoyed the local Shaoxin Yue Opera Qiong Jiang Yu Lu in Zhuxiang Village,Yonghe Town.

On the evening of July 29,2016,Three ceramic artists Marc Leuthold, Ellen Spijkstra and Lale Dilbas enjoyed the local Shao xin Yingge Xi-Ma Jia Qiang Qin(Bride Hunter)in Shangyu theater,to learn more about the local opera culture.

On December 6th,2016,  Vilma, artist from Argentina and Latvia artist Ilona watched Yue Opera “The Reunion of Couple after Enforced Separation” at local cultural hall in Shangyu Lingnan.