Past Events

Farewell Dinner

On the night of  August 26th 2015, the Center held a small party for American artist Jimmy Clark. Celebrating the end of his one month of creation in Shangyu. Jimmy sang happily and laughed with the guests at the party.

In the center on the night of  24th December 2015, a farewell dinner was held for German artist Monica where everyone came together to make and eat dumplings. The Chinese dinner made Monica feel at one with the family of the center. It was a satisyfying ending for her Shangyu trip.

On the night of 26th February 2016, the Center held a farewell dinner for Shannon, Mary, and Nick. The three young artists laughed at the dinner, they felt at home in the very happy and lively atmosphere.

Guido von Martens accomplished his work in residency in Shangyu on April 27, 2016. So at the evening,a little congratulation party was held in the center for him. The happy German artist laughed throughout the party, and sometimes he couldn't even help singing and dancing.

In the evening of Jun 6, 2016, Shangyu Celadon Modern International Ceramic Art Center held a small farewell party at Home of Shangyu Respectable Elites for the foreign artists in residence. The amazing Opera Highlights, erhu and the Chinese lute play, and folk dance at the party, performed by the professionals from Shangyu Cultural Center and Yue Opera Troupe, won a great applause from the artists, and also made them a warm big international family in China that night.