Past Events

In the afternoon, April 19, 2016, the German artist Guido von Martens visited Shangyu Vocational Education Center, where he glanced around the facilities in Yue-kiln-celadon-talents-training base in there. During interaction with the students, Mr. Martens presented his throwing skills on the wheel.

In the afternoon, June 2, 2016, four famous ceramic artists, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Janet DeBoos, Joe Bova and Paul Mathieu, went to Shangyu Vocational Education Center for art communication. Surrounded by students majoring in Arts and Crafts and Yue Kiln Celadon, Mr. Joe sat down and showed them how to throw a biscuit. He won a round of applause after he finished two small pieces of animals.

In the afternoon of June 27,2016,American artist Teri Lynn Frame gave a lecture on  performance art in Shangyu Vocational Education Center. In class, she performed on her own head with clay to show the students of performance art, her audience watched attentively at every movement she made,totally absorbed in this wonderful experience. In the end, the artist won a burst of applause when she finished a Chinese zodiac mask with such amazing vividness.

In the afternoon, October 31th, 2016,the American artist James Chaney visited Shangyu Vocational School and gave a class there. In the clay wheeling room, James presented how to throw a ware to the students majored in Yue kiln celadon, and showed the skill of making pretty patterns on the clay board with available materials. The students are extremely interested in and take photos in a lively atmosphere.